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Caricature is an age-old art form that uses exaggeration to make a satirical or humerous point. It is, however, underpinned by strong technical principles. Drawing Caricature explains those principles through step-by-step instructions moving from observation to simple aspects of drawing, and then to caricaturing the face feature by feature. It explores the psychology of the artist and the subjects, and emphasizes that understanding character and personality are an integral part of the finished picture. Packed with over 160 original caricatures and numerous exercises, it is a unique book that will enable every artist to learm the art of caricature and develop their own style.

*Tools, mediums and materials from quill pen to digitized imaging.
*Styles and different types of caricature and their role.
*'Dropping the detail' and identifying three key features to capture a likeness.
*Breaking down a caricature into features - profile, full face, and the three-quater angle.
*Adding bodies, artifacts and props.
*Commercial avenues for caricaturists.

Doug Eyre started his career as a commercial artist, but his lightning sketches and natural ability to capture a likeness in thirty seconds catapulted him into the world of caricature art. His rapport with people and his highly skilled, intuitive style made him an instant sucess at exhibitions, conferences and corporate events. His work has taken him to several continents and supported articles and editorials. He is a regular teacher of drawing and caricature.